Siân was born in England second generation makeup artist to her Welsh father Hu Richards, (2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, Oliver, Mary Queen Of Scots, Scrooge, The Mackintosh Man etc), and her Maltese mother Carmelina Ellul. She was on her first film set aged 2 and knew she wanted to be a makeup artist by the time she was 10. At 12 years old, Siân contacted the BBC to see what was needed to get into their makeup school but was too young - and by the time she was old enough, they had closed; so she went to Wimbledon  Art School instead and then went off to do a course in makeup at London College Of Fashion. She found her first employment in a cold garage in Manchester in 1991, thankfully not pumping gas, but helping to make corpses for Granada Tv's noted drama Prime Suspect (starring Helen Mirren).
Since then, her career has spanned every genre of media makeup - from beauty and advertising to elaborate prosthetics; from high editorial runways to gritty cold sets. There is little she has not had to deal with over the years and  has always maintained that a makeup artist should be polished in as many skills as possible as it's vital to be able to create magic and have range and diversity. 1998 saw her first Department Head position and she has continued with this ever since, not only working on feature films, but commercials, stills, teaching, mentoring and public speaking world wide. 
In 2008 Sian created her own brand of hand made makeup brushes based upon the quality she had grown up knowing via her father's makeup kit.  London Brush Company was born and her tools has been adopted by many makeup professionals and passionistas across the globe in 2016 she rebranded into Siân Richards London when she launched colour cosmetics for global skin.
Siân lives in Los Angeles and has bases in London, New York and Malta.

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